About Us



Founded by Singaporean philanthropist and real estate developer Daniel Teo, The Private Museum is a registered charity and registered Institute of Public Character (IPC), situated in the heart of the Museum Precinct in an arts and cultural centre at 51 Waterloo Street – within walking distance of the Singapore Art Museum. This unique museum was established with the objectives of providing a space for art collectors to showcase their collections in a curated display as well as an alternative platform for artists to push boundaries in the expressions of various art forms. The museum’s public outreach program also aims to bring collectors and artists closer to the general public and to foster interest and support for art.

Collector Platform

The Private Museum offers a safe and professional space for the private collector to share their collections with the public. With curatorial assistance and fine art transportation on hand, we will ensure that your pieces will arrive and be displayed with careful thought and safe handling.

No collection is too small to be featured at The Private Museum.

If you are keen on collaborating with us, please contact us at 6738 2872 or drop us an email at mail@theprivatemuseum.org.