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In commemoration of the 5th anniversary of the passing of late Singaporean artist, Teng Nee Cheong (b. 1951-d. 2013), The Private Museum is pleased to present EMBODIMENT|SENTIENCE, featuring a selection of charcoal works between the 1970s and the 2000s—from the collection of the Artist’s Estate.

A Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts graduate and recipient of the Ministry of Culture Special Award in 1978, Teng is known for his distinct visual aesthetics in the use of vibrant colours and Southeast Asian cultural motifs, drawing symbols from spiritual faiths such as Buddhism, Hinduism and even Balinese mythology.

Renowned for his impressive oil and pastel paintings, Teng’s intimate charcoal works have hardly been in the limelight, much less exhibited comprehensively. Far from just preliminary sketches, this exhibition marks the first extensive showcase of the artist’s charcoal drawings—a result of more than three decades of working with life models in his studio and abroad.

The exhibition explores themes such as dualities, sensualities, desires and perceptions of the human body through the artist’s inquisitive lens and the stark lines encapsulated by the alluring nudes. Deeply-personal and perhaps even provocative, EMBODIMENT|SENTIENCE attempts to lightly trace Teng’s art practice compelled by his fascination with and reverence for, the human figure.


Artist Biography

Teng Nee Cheong (b. 1951-d. 2013, Singapore) is an artist renowned for his exotic palette that reflects the various influences of cultures and traditions around Asia. His works use distinct symbols of adjacent cultures or religions, such as Balinese mythology, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

Born in 1951 in Singapore, geographically located in the hub of various cultural exchanges of Southeast Asia, Teng paints in oils and draws with charcoals, inspired by Asian mural paintings and Persian miniatures, in his depiction of flora in particular. Teng Nee Cheong studied at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore. His works was exhibited in Holland, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Paris, Singapore and United States. He was given numerous awards and his works are among the collections of the National Museum Art Gallery (Singapore), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Singapore) and Neka Museum (Bali).

Teng passed away from nasopharyngeal carcinoma in 2013.

Art Education

1968-1970: Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore

Selected Awards

1996: Philip Morris ASEAN Art Awards, Singapore

1995: Philip Morris ASEAN Art Awards, Singapore

1993: Philip Morris ASEAN Art Awards, Singapore

1991: Singapore Art Society Tan Tze Chor Art Award

1982: Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Alumni Association Creative Award

1978: Ministry of Culture Special Award


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2010: Those the Gods Love Grow Mightier, Gajah Gallery, Singapore

1998: Once Where Celestial Gods Frolicked, Jakarta, Indonesia

1992: Crescent Over the Equator, Shenn’s Gallery, Singapore

1980:  Art in Action, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore


Selected Group Exhibitions

2013: The Purest Song of Praise, Singapore

2011-2012: Plunder & Play · Art is a Lie, Singapore

2009: Daegu Art Fair, Daegu, Korea

2008: Commemorating A Decade: 1997-2007, Telok Kurau Annual Exhibition, Telok Kurau Studios, Singapore

2005: Wealth of Visions – The DBS Art Collection, The Art House at Old Parliament, Singapore Erotica, Tony Raka Gallery, Mas, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia

2004: The 19th Asian International Art Exhibition, Fukouka Asian Art Museum, Japan

2000: Fireflies Calypso As Twilight Descends, The Philip Morris Group of Companies Singapore Art Awards 2000

1999: Abandoned Thoughts, Two-man Show, Art-2 Gallery, Singapore

1998: When the Season is Nigh, The Philip Morris Group of Companies Singapore Art Awards 1998

1996: Once Where Celestial Gods Frolicked, The Philip Morris Group of Companies Singapore Art Awards 1996, National Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

1995-present:   Permanent Collection Exhibition, Neka Museum, Bali Indonesia

1995: Naked Thunder, The Philip Morris Group of Companies Singapore Art Awards, ASEAN Sect, Jakarta, Indonesia 1995

1993: A Timeless Bondage, The Philip Morris The Philip Morris Group of Companies Singapore Art Awards 1993

1991: 20 Singapore Artists Exhibition, USA

1989: ASEAN Travelling Exhibitions, ASEAN Countries

1988: Singapore Artists Exhibition, Hong Kong, China

1987: Artists Contemporains des Singapour”, Paris, France

1986: Festival of Arts, Art Forum, Singapore

1984: 2nd Young Artists Exhibition, National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore

1982: Flora Fauna, Singapore



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